Sunday, February 12, 2012

College English - The Course That Prepares The Student For An Educated Life

Any student can take English Composition. In fact, most of the time it is required that every student to take this course as it is considered to be a general study. Even the students who are studying something other than English are normally required to take this class. It doesn't matter who you are or what you want to study in school, taking this course is an essential step in every student's career.

What is English Composition and why is it important for students to take it? English Composition is a course that consists of writing essays that will help students become familiar with literature and to learn how to write to convey an idea. It is essential for all students as it is a foundation for the rest of their academic career. This is a subject that truly has everyday life applications.

Normally, every student, no matter their major, is required to take a core English class while studying in their field. English Composition is the one that is often taken as it not only offers the student writing skills, but it also gives the student brainstorming and critical thinking skills that can be used in any career. These are all essential skills that everyone will use throughout their life.

What will a student actually learn once the course is completed? After a student completes English Composition, they will have learned all the basic skills in writing, such as how to properly prepare an essay, how to use quotes and how to accurately proofread and edit their work. A student will also learn how to use grammar properly and learn the logistics of all literary components.

While most students have to take this course, some students can be dismissed from this course in certain circumstances. If students who are in high school take honor level courses, that can be considered a college level class.

Therefore, if the student takes a course like this in high school and then takes the exam (usually called the College Level Examination Program) at the end of the semester, they may be excused from taking English Composition. The student will need to pass this particular test (CLEP) in order to not have to take this course.

If this is something that interests the student, they should always check with their teacher and professor, as well as the school they are applying to get into, to make sure they understand what is needed to not have to take English Composition. Most schools have the same requirements, but it is always a smart idea for the student to double check to ensure accuracy.
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College English is a course that will help a student achieve the in-demand writing skills that will take them to a rewarding career. Even the students who are not interested in making English their career or field of study can benefit from taking this as a free online college course to learn the core values of the written English language. This will ensure they will have all the basic skills to know how to communicate and write well, as well as be able to think of their toes when needed.

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