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An Entrepreneurs Life Without Higher Education

I was probably about 22 years old when someone first told me I was lucky, it was the first of many times that a lot of different people have referred to me as lucky. I started my adult life in a hostel for homeless teenagers so I believe the truth of my young life was very far from lucky and I have had to make my own luck by spotting opportunities, taking risks and putting in the effort, I didn't win the lottery!

Most of the times this has occurred (and in the first instance too) it came during a conversation about education and the person or persons telling me I was lucky are university graduates explaining to me that the reason I am further ahead than them and earning more money at a younger age is because I am lucky. They believe that this could only be possible through chance or luck and could not possibly be down to the fact that I found an easier and better route to success that is free and quick to implement.

I can't generalize too much but a great deal of the college graduates that I have met have a small chip on their shoulder that the world owes them a better life because they earned a degree. I had 3 years head start on these guys and made things happen for myself, by the time they had graduated and were looking for their first rung job I had gained 3 years experience in my chosen field, I was earning good money and was considering starting my first business. If you are a graduate I suspect you probably dislike me don't you? You are not happy reading this and you think I am a smug idiot who got lucky?

If you knew me you would know I am not smug at all and I dedicate most of my time now to helping people achieve new things, to better their situation and make a wealthier, more enjoyable life for themselves. I like to show people that it is not your background, your education (or lack of it), the money you have now, your disabilities, what you have got or what you haven't that shapes your future. It's you, your attitude your enthusiasm and your commitment to being brilliant and remarkable that can change your life. Self belief that you can make it happen and the drive to do it, is really all you need.

I obviously realize that certain professions dictate that a university education is mandatory e.g. doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers etc. I also think that it is a great thing to do if that's what you want but don't believe it's your automatic ticket to success because it is not.

What I have written here is an over simplified summary of what I believe and teach but the principle exists and it works. Most of the entrepreneurs I know never went to university or they dropped out before they graduated. I suspect most of the entrepreneurs you know of did the same. I would make a bet that a good deal of the worlds richest people never graduated from university unless they already came from a wealthy background.

If you look at a lot of sport stars and athletes that come from very poor backgrounds, they never told themselves that they can't make it to the Olympics or the world cup because they are poor and come from a bad neighborhood. They tell themselves: "WHATEVER IT TAKES, I can do it, I will do it, I have to make it". When I left the homeless hostel and took my first steps to becoming an entrepreneur I told myself every day that I was never going back and I was going to make it whatever it takes! I had nothing to lose and I put all my chips down. There is a saying I heard the other day "Drive it like you stole it" in other words put your foot down and hurry up as if the police were chasing. It made me smile and I thought that should be a metaphor for how people should live their lives; we get too comfortable with very little and worry about what we might lose but if we lived like we had all just left a homeless hostel with nothing to lose we might all achieve 10 times more in our lives.
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Matt Kinsella is the author of How To Be Lucky, a book about how Matt came from a teenage homeless hostel to become a successful entrepreneur and his guide to how others can do something similar. How To Be Lucky is not about chance or the kind of luck you need to win the lottery it's about making your own luck. The philosophies and techniques Matt discovered that helped him turn his life around changed his life so much he saw no reason why he could not document them along with his story and turn them into his book How To Be Lucky, to help people achieve great success from nothing in the same way he did.

For more information on Matt's book How To Be Lucky and why he believes it's a book that can change your life see his blog post Book That'll Change Your Life

A Complete Education Requires Developing Life Skills

It is as important to develop life skills as it is to transmit information. When the focus is totally on the intellectual approach to education, we develop people who are not well-rounded. A complete education has to involve developing the character of the student. These skills include positive self-image, self-trust, problem-solving and a way of avoiding negative thoughts. We, too often, expect family or religion to develop life skills, but these skills exist within every person. They can be taught in school without contradicting family values, choreographed so that students learn trust, confidence, clarity and problem-solving from their past conditioning. Teachers need to be living examples of how these skills manifest.

We need to look at how attitudes affect education and how they can be controlled. In the American Journal of Medicine, it was reported that the attitude with which a patient enters a doctor's office determines the effectiveness of their treatment. Similarly, the attitude with which a student enters the classroom determines the effectiveness of their education. Attitudes are developed by the subconscious decisions we make when we face a challenge. A healthy attitude can be developed when conscious decisions are made. Our decisions are made based on the self-image we have been conditioned to identify with.

Education in Latin means to draw out. The Wisdom of the Body is the home of powerful inner resources. We draw from The Wisdom of our Body to fully understand and utilize what we have been taught. These resources will be needed in life after school; for instance in job performance, healing skills and in relationships. Life skills help individuals connect to inner wisdom.

The problems we face in the world today require participation from whole individuals. To do that, we need to develop a whole education. Do you think the Wisdom of your Body can help you solve the problems you face? If so, don't you wish you could have learned it in school?

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Life Coaching Education From Surprising Places

Life coaching education comes to us when we listen for it. It's in the theater, movies, on the radio and television, even, as I recently discovered, at the opera. Granted, these snippets of coaching are not generally life changing like on-going coaching is, however they are educational and a spring-board of information that can be inspiring, thought provoking, and worth of your processing time.

In the last couple of weeks, various life coaching education lessons have caught my attention, and I would like to share them with you now.

Accountability Coaching from Opera

Recently, the Los Angeles Opera presented Wagner's Ring Cycle-an epic mythology of gods, dwarfs, heroes and men. In the story, Wotan, the king of all gods, has established and agreed to follow the rules of conduct, including the sacredness of marriage and absolute conformity to his commands. When he later wants to take exception to the rules to satisfy his own selfish purposes, his wife offers him some very useful accountability coaching.

She takes it very personally and is livid with him, which is something you would be trained not to do in your life coaching education. She catches him each time he tries to rationalize his actions, points out where he is deceitful to himself and to her, and reminds him that the cost of breaking his commitments will be harsh. She will only be humiliated, but he will suffer scorn from his subjects, and ultimately, his demise as a god. This is a powerful lesson.

Life Coaching Education through Cable TV

HBO cable television broadcasts a documentary series called Masterclass, that features young artists working with a celebrated mentor in creative or performing arts. I watched choreographer Bill T. Jones work with two high school students creating a dance routine with added dialogue. What I heard was some inspired coaching. At one point, when Bill felt the dancers were too timid, not pushing their own envelope enough, he said "Be the hero. Let your strength overcome whatever is negative for you."

Later, he said "Work harder, make more difficult choices to develop your artistry." With his direction he shows his "clients" they do indeed embody heroism, strength, and the ability to pour more of themselves into what their performance with the added ability to conquer any difficulties they may find. This is great coaching, right? Would you put forth your best with a coach who has such faith in you?

Keep your mind open for those lessons in life coaching education that come your way. If you pay attention, you'll discover examples of inspired coaching coming from many places, to offer an extra dimension in your favorite entertainment. Sad to say, I don't believe my opera tickets are tax deductible!

College English - The Course That Prepares The Student For An Educated Life

Any student can take English Composition. In fact, most of the time it is required that every student to take this course as it is considered to be a general study. Even the students who are studying something other than English are normally required to take this class. It doesn't matter who you are or what you want to study in school, taking this course is an essential step in every student's career.

What is English Composition and why is it important for students to take it? English Composition is a course that consists of writing essays that will help students become familiar with literature and to learn how to write to convey an idea. It is essential for all students as it is a foundation for the rest of their academic career. This is a subject that truly has everyday life applications.

Normally, every student, no matter their major, is required to take a core English class while studying in their field. English Composition is the one that is often taken as it not only offers the student writing skills, but it also gives the student brainstorming and critical thinking skills that can be used in any career. These are all essential skills that everyone will use throughout their life.

What will a student actually learn once the course is completed? After a student completes English Composition, they will have learned all the basic skills in writing, such as how to properly prepare an essay, how to use quotes and how to accurately proofread and edit their work. A student will also learn how to use grammar properly and learn the logistics of all literary components.

While most students have to take this course, some students can be dismissed from this course in certain circumstances. If students who are in high school take honor level courses, that can be considered a college level class.

Therefore, if the student takes a course like this in high school and then takes the exam (usually called the College Level Examination Program) at the end of the semester, they may be excused from taking English Composition. The student will need to pass this particular test (CLEP) in order to not have to take this course.

If this is something that interests the student, they should always check with their teacher and professor, as well as the school they are applying to get into, to make sure they understand what is needed to not have to take English Composition. Most schools have the same requirements, but it is always a smart idea for the student to double check to ensure accuracy.
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College English is a course that will help a student achieve the in-demand writing skills that will take them to a rewarding career. Even the students who are not interested in making English their career or field of study can benefit from taking this as a free online college course to learn the core values of the written English language. This will ensure they will have all the basic skills to know how to communicate and write well, as well as be able to think of their toes when needed.

Distance Education - How To Balance Family Life While Getting Your Degree

We all know that having a family is a full responsibility that needs most of your time. Taking care of your family and at the same time getting that degree needs a lot of effort to make it a success. Many individuals fail at such insurmountable task.

Education is quite vital. One needs to get a degree in order to land a high-paying job. At these times, it is quite hard to sustain a family and provide what they need if you are only being employed at Wal-Mart or some restaurants. Average paying jobs are not enough to support your kids, your spouse, and you. However, by having a degree you will be able to make enough to support your family financially.

Although, being a fulltime student and at the same time a parent is almost out of the question. However, you can still get a degree without setting your family aside. Yes, it is possible. Now, it is feasible to get a degree in a short period in a more unconventional setting. There is now indeed a way to get that degree without sacrificing too much of your time away from the family or spending half of your household budget.

Distance learning is getting more and more popular. It is the best alternative for those who need to work and at the same time get a degree. Numerous online courses are available for those who are in need of it. One can even get a degree in two years time. You can choose from online courses such as nursing, engineering, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and many more.

By opting for an online degree, you will be able to really get two birds with one stone. Although, studying online might sound effortless still needs to really work hard to earn a degree. One needs to really become skilled at managing one's time.

One can easily accomplish their goal in getting a degree and still be a responsible parent. You will need to plan your activities ahead of time. It is important to set aside a few hours daily for your studies alone. You can even include your family in your studies by asking them their cooperation. Your spouse and children should know and respect the time you need to focus on your studies. In your part, you will also need to set aside some time for fun family activities. In this way, they will feel not cheated of your time you allot to your online studies.

With online learning, one can easily get a degree without sacrificing one's family. In no time at all, you will get that degree and land that dream job of yours. With a degree, you can secure your family's future without fear in your heart.
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To find online bachelor degree programs right now as well as other valuable career, education and training information go to

Importance of Value Education

Seven sins: wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character,commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principle.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Just in case you believe that great social problems are beyond your scope, consider this story: God said to me: Your task is to build a better world. I answered: How can I do that? The world is such a large, vast place, so complicated now, and I am so small and useless. There nothing I can do. But God in his great wisdom said: Just build a better you.

- Anonymous

The moral values present a true perspective of the development of any society or nation. They tell us to what extent a society or nation has developed itself. Values are virtues, ideals and qualities on which actions and beliefs are based. Values are guiding principles that shape our world outlook, attitudes and conduct. Values however are either innate or acquired. Innate values are our inborn divine virtues such as love, peace, happiness, mercy and compassion as well as the positive moral qualities such as respect, humility, tolerance, responsibility, cooperation, honesty and simplicity.

Acquired values are those external values adopted at your "place of birth" or "place of growth" and
are influenced by the immediate environment. Examples of acquired values are one's mode of dress, the way you bless, cultural customs, traditions, habits and tendencies.

The main causes of moral degeneration are:

- Lack of respect for the sanctity of human life.

- Breakdown of parental control of children in families

- Lack of respect for authority, seen through the brazen breaking of the law and

Total disregard for rules and regulations

- Crime and corruption

- Abuse of alcohol and drugs

- Abuse of women and children, and other vulnerable members of society.

- Lack of respect for other people and property.

To solve all these type problems it is necessary to know the main causes of the above problems. We know today children are tomorrow's citizens. If we give good education to the present day children, the future of the next generations will be well. My opinion education is the solution for all types of the problems. Now we are living in the modern century. If we use science and technology in the proper way it is not difficult for us to solve all the problems of the non-moral and value things.The main object of the study is to inculcate moral and value based education in schools and colleges and to know the attitude of intermediate students towards moral values. Gandhiji advised the inmates of Sabarmati Ashram on the practice of the following values in their day-
to-day life:

1. Ahimsa

2. Non-stealing

3. Non-possession

4. Swadeshi

5. Manual work

6. Fearlessness

7. Truth

8. Chastity

9. Equality of religion

10. Removal of untouchability

11. Control of palate

Important life goals and personal characteristics:

Life goals and Personal characteristics are very necessary for all types of persons in the society.

Life Goals:

- A world at peace (free of war and conflict)

- Freedom (independence, free choice)

- Wisdom (a mature understanding of life)

- Happiness (contentedness)

- An exciting life (a stimulating, active life)

- Equality (brotherhood, equal opportunity for all)

- A comfortable life (a prosperous life)

- Self-respect (self-esteem, feeling good about yourself)

- Salvation (religiously saved, eternal life)

- Mature love (sexual & spiritual intimacy)

- Social recognition (respect, admiration)

- A sense of accomplishment (I've made a lasting contribution)

- Family security (taking care of loved ones)

- True friendship (close companionship)

- A world of beauty (beauty of nature and the arts)

- Inner harmony (freedom from inner conflict)

- Pleasure (an enjoyable, leisurely life)

- National security (protection from attack)

Personal Characteristics:

- Self-controlled (thinks first, restrained, self-disciplined)

- Honest (sincere, truthful, disclosing)

- Loving (affectionate, tender, caring)

- Ambitious (hard working, aspiring)

- Cheerful (lighthearted, joyful)

- Responsible (dependable, reliable)

- Independent (self-reliant, sufficient)

- Broad-minded (open-minded, able to see other viewpoints)

- Polite (courteous, well mannered)

- Forgiving (willing to pardon others)

- Intellectual (intelligent, reflective, knowledgeable)

- Helpful (working for the welfare of others)

- Obedient (dutiful, respectful)

- Capable (competent, effective, skillful)

- Logical (consistent, rational, aware of reality)

- Clean (neat, tidy)

- Imaginative (daring, creative)

- Courageous (standing up for your beliefs, strong)

Hogan (1973) believes that moral behavior is determined by five factors: (1) Socialization: becoming aware as a child of society's and parents' rules of conduct for being good. (2) Moral
judgment: learning to think reasonably about our own ethics and deliberately deciding on our own
moral standards. (3) Moral feelings: the internalization of our moral beliefs to the degree that we feel shame and guilt when we fail to do what we "should." (4) Empathy: the awareness of other people's situation, feelings, and needs so that one is compelled to help those in need. (5) Confidence and knowledge: knowing the steps involved in helping others and believing that one is responsible for and capable of helping.

Today we facing so many problems like terrorism, poverty and population problem. It is necessary to inculcate moral values in curriculum. Education is an effective weapon. Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it is his handsand at whom it is aimed. (Joseph Stalin)

Curricular Activities:

Due to liberalization, industrialization and globalization rapid changes are occurring in almost all social sciences. The value possessed and their attitudes according to the changes should be known up to date vast changes are occurring in the education. So called philosophical foundations of India are declining day to day with the country in a state of social turbulence, the goals and functions of formal education need to be reassessed and updated. Through education we can change the world.

- By giving a place for moral values in the curriculum.

- Moral values can be explained through stories and illustrations.

- Through poetry, novel and stories we can inculcate moral values in the students.

- Role play of a good story in the lesson.

- Educate students through posters, advertisements and dramatizations; those are all a part
in the curriculum.

- By introducing a course on moral values as a part of its Master Degree in Developmental

The Role of Landmark Education in Positive Life Transformation

Landmark education is a program that essentially educates people of different backgrounds, cultures, ages, geographical backgrounds and interests in life on how to positively influence their lives. Landmark education is carried out through a landmark forum. These are forms of seminars that focus on teaching their students and enabling their graduates view life positively, overcome their life obstacles and to change their way of thinking as well as perception of success. Landmark education is open to all in as many as 100 countries all over the world. Landmark education offers different courses and you may choose according to your interests.

Landmark education being an organization that yearns to transform the lives of people positively, it is designed for those that face stiff competition and criticism in life as well as those that are yet to discover and exploit fully their potentials. Landmark forum is therefore in a definite position to bring out extraordinary potential from ordinary people. It gives you the ability to for effectiveness in personal life and also professional life. The chief areas covered in landmark forum include but are not limited to communication skills, leadership skills and the ability to make positive influence to the lives of others. The programs are purposely engineered to empower average people manage their way beyond their limits and to give them excellence in their personal lives.

The Landmark Forum has an established training for the modern youth to address the innumerable challenges the group faces in life. Landmark forum has therefore forums that help the young sail through their challenges successfully. It emphasizes on improving the quality of relationships they engage in, growth of confidence as well as personal productivity. Landmark forum enables young graduates to face the world confidently and ready to conquer negative mind sets. Landmark forum ensures that young people who go through the program are in a position to practice effective communication with others; they are also able to adequately deal with peer pressure, appreciate their immediate families or guardians and to make the correct choices influencing their lives. They should also be able to generate brilliant results in academic affairs as well as other disciplines of life. Landmark forum in addition sees to it that the children are able to appreciate their being, what they can do and most importantly enable them to be responsible both pertaining to their life matters and to matters affecting the people close to them.

Landmark education is also mindful of the affairs of teens as much as to children. Landmark forum therefore has well developed and executed programs to essentially address the challenges of the teens as well as attend to them. Landmark forum helps the teens to deal with destructive issues like drugs. It also helps teens work hard towards improving their lives and to achieve their desires.

Landmark education has however faced untold criticism and test of time just like is the case with nearly all the other concepts, maxims and doctrines in the world. Some claim that the whole idea is ill motivated and aims towards brainwashing naive humans. Landmark education however on a wider scale has received positive acclaims from its graduates. In addition the past and present generations have successfully thrived on the ideas of the same.
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Kat Martin is the author of this article on Landmark education.
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